The Best Road Trips That Ends In Goa

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Goa is all about the sunny days, the colorful beaches, the merry-making crowds, mouth-watering foods, bear, music and obviously the night long parties. But these all happens once you reach this vibrant city. Reaching Goa itself can be an overwhelming experience. There are more than a few popular ways to reach Goa by road. The travelers who enjoy traveling on wheels mostly opt for road trips to arrive at Goa.

The road trips to Goa mostly consists of the clean and smooth long roads, offering glances of the beauty of Indian biodiversity and culture, and some moments of pure bliss. It would not be an out-an-out wrong if we state, that no road that ends in Goa can ever be that bad. Here we present to you some of the best road trips from India that end in Goa.

Mumbai to Goa

Road trips in Goa

This one is probably the most coveted road trip for the enthusiasts. Remember how three of the best of friends and their road trip to Goa from Mumbai made so many of us wish for a grand road trip on that highway eve since the release of 'Dil Chahta Hai'. Yes, we are talking about the road trip from Mumbai to Goa.

This 590 km journey is a pure bliss on the way. The NH17 that leads to Goa runs among some of the best natural features one can ever imagine of having while driving. The trip would embrace you with a buttery smooth and clean highway, greenery at both of the sides, and a refreshed mood! It takes almost 10 hours to reach the destination; so in order to reach Goa before sunset you have to start a bit earlier in the morning. The total stretch of the highway has many food joints alongside so, refueling yourself would not be an issue.  

Pune to Goa

Pune to Goa

This one is not that popular like the Mumbai-Goa one, but a beautiful journey is almost certain on this route from Pune to Goa. The distance between these two cities is around 500 km which can easily be covered within 8-9 hours. Start your road trip at an early morning and enjoy the beauty of both nature and the road itself. Pune - Kolhapur is the most popular route for reaching Goa.

This route faces less traffic and is in brilliant condition. The road has multiple good food joints too. The final leg is from Kolhapur to Goa and it runs through the ghats. This route offers extraordinary natural view and the road is also in a very good condition. The driving experience from Pune to Goa would be an amazing one for sure! 

Bangalore to Goa

Bangalore to Goa

There is simply no other way to know your surroundings but traveling through roadways. It takes your though both the natural and social diversities of our environs. But above all, it fills each of our senses with tremendous joy and thrill. The road trip from Bangalore to Goa is perhaps the second most popular one in terms of road trip to Goa. Both Karnataka and Goa has beautiful natural wealth, thus almost any road trip across these two states offer marvelous experiences.

The road trip covers around 556 km of distance between the two cities via Tumkur, Nelamangala, Dharwad, Chitradurga, and Hubli on either the Asian Highway 47 or the NH4. It takes almost 9 hours to reach Goa from Bangalore. The driving stretch on the Asian Highway would be a surprisingly pleasant experience as the natural beauty on both sides is just superb. The views on the Chorla Ghats, windmills, cool breeze, the green canopy throughout a long stretch and a smooth winding road- this trip would definitely be one of your most memorable trips, we promise!

Hyderabad to Goa

Hyderabad to Goa

Many people find this trip also very enjoyable though reaching Goa from Hyderabad would take anywhere from 12-13 hours. This 640 km of long drive is often a dream come true for all those love traveling on their wheelers. So, again we would advise to kick start your journey at an early morning for avoiding driving through the Western Ghats in the night.

The route would covers places like Mahbubnaga, Raichur, Sindhnur, Hospet, Hubli, Londa and Ponda before reaching Goa. The driving on the roads through the Ghats is always a satisfactory experience. The meandering road running between greens, small hillocks, windmills, the smell of mountain and jungle and a less crowded journey would accompany you throughout the trip.  

Chennai to Goa via Gokarna

Chennai to Goa

This is another road trip that takes really long time to reach the destination but ends with a satisfactory result. The distance between Chennai and Goa is almost 910 km which needs an experienced driving to cover such a long route. From Chennai there are three major route options to reach Goa and each one goes via Bangalore. The best route should be taken from Bangalore towards Dharwad through NH4 and from there to Dandeli and Londa to finally Goa.

The road from Dharwad to Dandeli is exceptionally beautiful. You can even take a stopover t Dandeli to recover the weariness and to enjoy some great water sports at there. The second popular route to reach Goa from Chennai goes through NH4 and NH206via Shimoga and Gokarna. This particular route offers enchanting scenic views especially at Jog falls and Gokarna, two famous tourist attractions in Karnataka. The hilly winding coastal road, enveloped beaches, coastal forests on the side of the road and finally the pearl on the sea shore called Goa would make your long drive a refreshing and unforgettable one.

Coorg to Goa

Coog to Goa

A journey between two equally beautiful places could never be a bad experience; and if the journey is taken via roadways, then the experience are ought to be a fascinating one. The distance between Coorg (Karnataka) and Goa is 500 km which takes around 7-8 hours to complete. The road from Mangalore to Mysore via Mysore Highway provides an awesome ride through a refreshing driving atmosphere. Then the part of the driving on the NH17 gives another wonderful experience of road journey. The total journey comprises of a geographical transition from a hilly range to a comparatively plain region to a coastal expanse which is stunning and worth experiencing. 

Mangalore to Goa

Mangalore to Goa

From Mangalore to Goa is comparatively an easy road trip in terms of both distance and road convenience. The 361 km of distance can comfortably covered within 5-6 hours without much hassles. The NH17 is again the chief road to take to reach Goa. The scenic beauty of the quaint city Mangalore the total coastal line through Udupi, Bhatkal, Honnavar etc. would make this trip a really pleasurable one. You would come across the stunning Murudeshwara Beach and the mighty Mahadev statue by the shore while driving through this route.

Delhi to Goa

Delhi to Goa

The idea of a road trip from Delhi to Goa actually bears the truth that humans can go any longer just to satisfy their thirst for exploring and wandering around. A distance of 1872 km and almost a 32 hour long road journey through several states is nothing but taking driving really seriously and to explore the beauty of the route. This long drive is mostly taken via NH8, NH79A & 79, NH3, NH10 and NH4 & NH4A. The roads run among Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and then finally Goa. Though there are several glitches are there in this trip for being so huge, but the true driving enthusiasts should not miss this wonderful chance to experience some of the most endearing roads, geographical varieties of our country and of course some never-to-forget moments on the road.

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