Shopping in Goa

Known for its magnificent beaches and white sands, Goa is truly heaven on Earth. Vacations are not complete without shopping for small souvenirs and trinkets as a token of your memorable journey. Therefore, along with sightseeing, shopping is always top on everyone’s to-do list on a holiday.

Shopping in Goa is essentially divided in two parts – first, for people who love shopping brands, there are many up-market boutiques and shops, which sell extraordinary ornaments, handicrafts, silks, antiques and other embroidered products. On the other hand, for people who love bargain shopping, there are many flea markets and beachfront bazaars that offer interesting products at very reasonable rates. Some popular products among tourists include brassware, shell work, terracotta, crochet, bamboo work, carved furniture and paper-mache.

Shopping in Goa

Since Goa is famous for cashew nuts, it is practically available anywhere in the state and in many different varieties. From masala to plain salted, all types of cashew nuts are available in Goa. There are even shops that specialize in selling different types of cashew nuts.

It is also interesting and fun to shop at some of the traditional places in Goa such as small towns and villages. These places reflect the true culture and heritage of Goa and provide a glimpse into the ethnic lifestyle of Goans. For instance, the Friday Market at Mapusa is one of the most famous market places in Goa, where one can find anything from exquisite antiques to dried fish. Another popular place to shop in Goa is the Wednesday Flea Market in Anjuna.

Here are some great shopping places in Goa:

Anjuna Market

Shopping in Goa

Anjuna Flea Market, held every Wednesday, is one of the most popular market places in Goa. It is held between the beautiful Anjuna Beach and the rice paddy fields every week. The concept of flea market began in the early eighties, when some foreigners stated selling their electronic and other products to the locals. The entire market is filled with colors, crowds, trance music and all sorts of products from artificial jewelry to spices and Tibetan handicrafts.

Calangute Market Square

Shopping in Goa

Another popular area to shop in Goa, Calangute is just fifteen kilometers from the capital city, Panaji in Goa. The street running parallel to the beach is adorned with different shops selling a wide range of products, from metal crafts, clothes to leather products and jewelry. Moreover, the famous Calangute beach is also filled with various beach shacks, astrologers and fortunetellers. A Tibetan market is also located nearby. There are many up market boutiques in some of the deluxe hotels and resorts, however, the price range might be higher in these shops.

Mapusa Market

Shopping in Goa

Located about 13 kilometers from the capital city – Panaji, Mapusa is a small town in Goa. It has been the chief market hub of North Goa since the historic times. A flea market is held over here every Friday called Mapusa Friday Market. This market is known for its fresh produce with lots of fresh vegetables and seafood available here. A variety of locally produced vegetables and fruits such as mangoes and jackfruits can be found here. Other than that, products such are pickles, spices, glass bangles, earthen pots, dried fish and prawns; clothing, artificial jewelry and Goa’s famous ‘chouricos’ are also found here.

Baga Beach
Located about 10 kilometers west from the small town of Mapusa, the Saturday Night Market at Baga Beach is yet another popular place to shop in Goa. Similar to the flea market in Anjuna, the Saturday night market in Baga is just as lively and vibrant but with more colors and lights. The famous Baga Beach is also filled with many beach shacks and restaurants selling delicious Goan delicacies. The stalls over here sell beautiful handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes and trinkets. Services such as haircuts, palmistry, tarot reading and woodcarving are also available here. Moreover, with live jam sessions and music, the entire market becomes like a mini carnival.

Best Flea Markets in Goa

Whether you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry or some exquisite antique furniture for your home, your search ends at one of the many flea markets of Goa. From discounted clothes, jewelry to a myriad of artifacts, decorative items, Kashmiri carpets, one can find possibly everything under the sun over here at very reasonable rates.

Make sure you carry a huge shopping bag to store all your shopping, as you do not want your precious products to get lost. Also, carry loose cash, as cards are not accepted at any of the bazaars or street markets. Here are some popular flea markets in Goa that will definitely test your bargaining skills:

Arpora Saturday Night Market

Flea Markets in Goa

Located just a few minutes drive from the famous northern beaches; Arpora Saturday Night Market is a great way to past time during weekends. The market starts from 6 pm in the evening and goes on till midnight. Chose from a wide variety of clothes, shoes, handicrafts, leather accessories, home décor, spices and festoons or entertain yourself by dancing to the lively tunes of the DJ. There are also many food stalls located here that offer delicious authentic Goan cuisine.

Mapusa Friday Market

Flea Markets in Goa

As the name suggests, Mapusa Friday Market takes place every Friday from 8 am till 6:30 pm, near Mapusa Bus Depot. Mapusa market is known for its wide variety of highly fresh produce, hence one can find an array of fresh seafood, flowers and vegetables over here. Apart from that, you can also shop for cashew nuts, Port wine, traditional sweets such as Dodol, Dost, Bibink, Mangad and Chokros, over here. The famous Goan Churis or Churisso which are basically pork sausages marinated in feni (local liquor in Goa) is also found here at reasonable rates.

The Mackies

Flea Markets in Goa

Mackies is yet another popular flea market held on the banks of Baga River, near the Arpora – Baga Road. This market is famous for its wide range of inexpensive souvenirs and trinkets. It starts at 6 pm every Saturday and is only held between the months of November and April. Mackies is the best place to pick small knick-knacks, spices, brassware, handicrafts and beautiful pottery pieces. Apart from that, there are various cultural and dance shows that will keep you entertained throughout your shopping spree.

Ingo’s Night Market

Flea Markets in Goa

One of the busiest market in Goa during the main season, Ingo’s Night Market starts from 6-7 pm, when the climate is much cooler and pleasant. Even though there are many stalls over here selling exquisite products, this market is mostly famous because of its amazing food court and live jam sessions. From delicious samosa’s to sushi, one can find every kind of food in this market. Italian Wood-Fire Pizza, Sunday Roast Beef and Belgian Waffles are some of the popular dishes over here. One should also try the luscious cocktails found over here. Besides food, there are many belly dancing and fire shows to keep the crowd entertained.

Calangute Bazaar

Flea Markets in Goa

Held every Saturday near the famous Calangute Beach, Calangute Bazaar is yet another popular flea market in Goa. One can find almost everything in this market, from clothes, fish, groceries, pottery, textiles to exquisite Tibetan products and Kashmiri carpets and jewelry. Some sellers might quote higher price for a product, therefore, be sure to bargain every time you purchase a product. Since this market is located very close to Calangute Beach, one can also enjoy the sunset after shopping or take the exciting Dolphin or Crocodile Spotting trip on the Mandovi River.

Besides above, there are many markets in Old Goa and Panjim that specialize in selling cashew nuts. Flea Markets in South Goa at the Dona Paula Beach are relatively less famous than the ones at North Goa; however, these markets are also very good for shopping precious tit bits.

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