Five Reasons to Visit Goa This Summer

While summers may not be the best season to visit Goa, however there are many reasons why one should visit Goa during the summer months. Even though it might be hot and humid in Goa during summers, mild breeze, swaying palms and white sands are always tropical in Goa.

Whether it is summer or winter over here, party season in Goa never gets over. There are many advantages in visiting Goa during the off season such as cheaper hotel tariffs, less crowd on the beaches, low-priced liquor and more discounts on shopping. If you prefer quiet non crowded holiday destinations, then Goa is the perfect place to visit during summers. Here are some more reasons why one should visit Goa during the off season:

Cheaper Flight Tickets

It is not hidden that air tickets to Goa, between the months of October to December, are highly expensive. One advantage of visiting the state during the off-season is that you get not only cheaper accommodation but also cheap flight tickets to Goa. Besides, all the money saved means more partying in Goa.

Super Economical Holiday Destination

Right from cheaper flight tickets to low cost accommodation tariffs, low priced sightseeing tours and discounted shopping, liquor and food, one can truly enjoy Goa without having to wait in the line for hours. As a traveler on budget, one can indulge in all the activities in Goa without having to worry about their pocket.

Go Crazy Shopping

Five Reasons to Visit Goa This Summer

Shop till you drop – is a phrase that actually comes true while shopping over here during summers. The markets offer fantastic products at exceptionally low prices. Discounted rates, more variety of products and less crowds in the markets, make your shopping experience in Goa, during summers, completely relaxing and hassle free. Moreover, all the money saved can be utilized towards booking sightseeing tours.

Less Crowded Beaches

Five Reasons to Visit Goa This Summer

Because of the heat, many tourists tend to avoid this place during summers. However, by doing this they are also missing out viewing completely stunning views of the beaches during summers. Goa is less crowded during the off season, which means you have more space to enjoy the spectacular beaches of Goa. It is the perfect way to relax with a good book by the shores of famous beaches that you cannot do during the tourist season.

Parasailing in Summers

Five Reasons to Visit Goa This Summer

Summer is the best time to enjoy this thrilling water sport of Parasailing. Enjoy spectacular views of Goa and its beaches from high above the ground without having to worry about cost and time. Parasailing is much more fun and inexpensive during summers and the perfect way to make your trip to Goa, a memorable one.

Go Wild Clicking Pictures

Five Reasons to Visit Goa This Summer

Summer in Goa is a paradise for photographers. It is the best time to click various pictures of the state and experiment with different angles. Clicking pictures are more fun during summers because of the less crowded beaches, forts and monuments along with breathtaking early morning and sunset views.

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