Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

Goa is full of surprises - while many may think of it as the place for chilling out and partying your nights away, Goa also showcases one of the best food culture in the world. With mind boggling menus available in beach side shacks or a cosy restaurant at city side, you'll find many alternatives to enjoy a great dinner with your friends and family. Mentioned below are some of the best places to dine out in Goa


Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

Filled with trance and groovy music, Curlies is the hippest place for every Goan tourist. Known for its cocktails with trippy names like 'Innocent Sex', 'Jungle Juice' and 'Woo Woo', the wooden structured restaurant also serves traditional Goan and Italian food as well.

Martin's Corner

Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

The warm and cozy interiors of the restaurants matches well its hospitality and the famous lady who stood against all odds to establish a place like this, Mrs. Carafina Pereira, naming the restaurant after her late husband Martin. Started as a small eatery with two tables, the restaurants has become a reputable one serving great Goan dishes like, Pork Chops, Sorpotel, Crab Masala Fry, Caramel Pudding and more


Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

The hip-hop centre of Goa which remains crowded even on off seasons, Brittos today is known for its lip smacking Goan curries - Xachutti, Balchao, Caldin, grilled mussels, crab curries and various other seafood, apart from the trendy music and drinks which flows 24x7.


Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

Maracas is famous not only because of it's beautiful, cool and comfortable blue tint, but also because of an array of heavy portions of Pesto Eggplant, Beef Chimichim, Stuffed Mushrooms and Maracas Crackers. Couple them with a beer or a two and you have the perfect Goan meal in front of you.

Vihar Restaurant

Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

Established thinking in mind about the 'pure veg' Indian tourists, who love their home meals where ever they go - leaving the sarcasm apart, Vihar Restaurant is perhaps the only best bet you can have on Indian meal in Goa.

Garland Bar and Restaurant

Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

A beach beauty, the Garland bar is run by a couple from Kent and is known for its delighting menu which ranges from English to local dishes. Banana Fritters with beer is a must try, which can be best enjoyed during sunsets.

La Plage

Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

The only best place to dine out with your partner and love ones. The breezy sea side restaurant is known for great Mediterranean dishes.

Spice Goa

Best Restaurants in Goa

A great way to start your journey, Spice Goa is a cozy restaurant located at the Goa-Mumbai highway, serving great Goan and mainland dishes.

Mia Cucina

Best Places to Dine Out in Goa

Mia Cucina can be chosen as the resting place if you'd want. The comfortable environment of the restaurant with an overlooking pool is perhaps the best place to enjoy the Goan retreat. Thursdays and Sundays are the best days whether you go for brunches or dinners, when the menu is loaded with great drinks and food.

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