10 Things You Have To Do In Goa

Goa might be the heavily populated tourist destination, but it is still a mystery for many domestic and international tourists. Though many may say that they come to Goa for having some quite time, there are many things which are a must to do and see in here.

The paradise country has a strong Portuguese influence as it was once its colony, Goa now has become a reveller's best destination. From sun kissed beaches to glamorous pool parties, one can find his or her way of enjoying the state. Mentioned below are some of the best things Goa is known for and you should experience them at all costs.


10 things you have to do in Goa

When asked, "Give me one word to describe Goa's beaches" most of the tourist replied: splendid, calm, extra-ordinary, crowded, and never-seen-before and many more. In fact these are the same adjectives even you'd say when you'll visit Goa first. From the very famous Agonda, Anjuna, Baga, Candolim, Cavelossim beaches to the lesser known Mandrem and Palolem beaches, each of them exhibits a different identity. Beach shacks with chilled local beer and cocktails and amazing seafood is all you would need to unwind from that hectic office schedule of yours.


10 things you have to do in Goa

One can call Goa as the "Vegas of India" with its profitable gambling business. People, who like to try their lucks and want to earn some more cash while they holiday, bring their poker chips and deck of cards along. There are river cruises which run casino nights on specific days, passes for which are available at request. The business is good and attracts a lot of foreign tourists as well.


10 things you have to do in Goa

Popularly known as Caju Feni, this ridiculously strong drink is made exclusively in Goa. Made out of fermented cashew or even coconut, you can make you choice. The drink carries a strong essence and can knock you out after few shots. Try it only at the expense that you have somebody to look after a party or book a cab before gulping more.


10 things you have to do in Goa

Boarding the river and sea cruises in Goa is good for getting a break from the noisy land affairs. Soak the sun at the dock; chill at the lounge or go for deep sea diving, it's all about living a sub-tropical life. Cruise tours are mostly organized by the touring authorities or you can get your bookings separately.


10 things you have to do in Goa

Perhaps the only state in India which attracts tourist crowd with its two piece string theory. There are several beaches in Goa which encourages bikini show offs for the tourists - girls, be prepared for a lot of stares but fret not as people are friendly. There are also few hidden bikini beaches and beach resorts, mostly revered by foreigners.


10 things you have to do in Goa

Goa is like a box of goodies for a budget tourist. The weekly flea markets and the street shops are like wonderlands for a shopaholic. From junk jewellery to clothes, from handicrafts to food utensils, you'll find amazing gifts which can be taken back for your friends.

Sea Food

10 things you have to do in Goa

Not disappointing the foodies, we come to the food scenario of Goa. With some of the best shacks, resto-bars and restaurants serving delicious food, your pick should be the seafood. Fried Pompfret, slices of Salmon and brown rice, king crabs, lobsters and shrimps, combine it with some side dishes like "Sheera Halwa" and some beer and there you go! - A complete Goan meal.

Adventure Sports

10 things you have to do in Goa

While many would see Goa as a great point of relaxation, adventure junkies see them it as the hub for adventure sports. Try parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving, speed boats, banana boat to get an adrenaline rush


10 things you have to do in Goa

Goa is the ultimate resting place party hoppers beach bums. From organizing the uber hot Sunburn festival around New Years to the grand Goa Carnival, partying in the state goes the no-holds-barred stage. Goa is also infamous for its rave parties at beachside, so get it at your own risk. Even the shacks, pubs and bars like Titos have open dance floors for those animals to keep lurking in the dark.

Dolphin Watching

10 things you have to do in Goa

After all that busy sightseeing and fun, watching these beautiful creatures jump out in splash in the sea with their school is the most relaxing thing to do. It connects you to the nature and reminds you that life is a cycle just like your vacation in Goa and you should learn to jump in and out just likes them, smiling all the way.

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